Which are the two strong and stable pillars of the Greek economy?

Keeping track of the course of markets over the last decades, it is obvious that we have two unique cases of "heavy industries" in Greece which, despite the ups and downs of domestic and foreign factors, remain profitable, growing and credible.

Tourism and Shipping. Especially in the field of tourism the level of the offered services is excellent, and this is reflected in the survey data published in the following article.

 Greece: First in General Satisfaction Index hotels

According to the data presented by INSETE In February 2019, Greece holds the first place  between the countries concerned by the general satisfaction index (GRI) hotels with 86.7%, according to data ReviewPro, which is edited and published by INSETE Intelligence. On second place we find Cyprus with 85.2% and Spain with 84.9%. They are followed by Croatia on the fourth position with 84.8% and Italy in the fifth with 84.3%. Turkey has recorded a general index of 82.2%, while France was the last with 80.2%. The higher Satisfaction position for Greek islands is hold by Cyclades (with GRI 89,9%) and for Continental Greece Epirus (91.2%).

Demand for hotel services

Regarding the demand for hotel services from abroad, in February 2019 the main booking market for Greece was Germany, going up to first for the first time in 2019. UK market was second (from January 3rd, 2019) and the Italian market fell third. Fourth place for the French market and fifth in the US market. First position of preference of the German market was again Athens, the second was Thessaloniki and the third place Fira of Santorini. Chania ranked fourth and in the fifth place retreated Heraklion. One position lost and Firostefani was in sixth place position. Seventh place is the city of Rhodes and the eighth place was Rethymno. The tenth is completed with the country of Mykonos and Oia. Oia appears for the first time in the top-10 German market in 2019.

In the first place of preference of the British market was maintained in Athens (in relation to January 2019), in the second took Fira and the third place was Thessaloniki. Follow in fourth place Firostefani. In fifth place he first appeared in 2019 the country of Mykonos. In the sixth place the city of Rhodes while in seventh place the city of Corfu has retreated. Below were the 2 destinations of Crete (Heraklion and Chania). The tenth is completed with the city of Zakynthos, which first enters 2019 in the top-10. The prices of Greek hotels, despite the upward trends, and according to the trivago data, are to most destinations at competitive levels compared to hotel prices units of corresponding destinations abroad.

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