What does it take to complete a successful refurbishment ? According to our experience, a well defined layout, careful planning, strong project management and the professional execution team. As simple as all it might sound this where most projects face challenges.


This where we define how the new area will be. It serves as the foundation of all the work that will be done later. Aluminox has a specialised team for layout arrangements that can assist you during your planning stage (see special section on Layout Arrangements). After the layout is completed, basic engineering follows and if require we draft a responsibility matrix to define the work for each party involved.


At this stage we visit on board the area to be refurbished and we make sure that we verify all of our initial engineering work. We then finalise the detailed engineering, the resources that will be needed and the project execution plan.


Project management

Refurbishments are always in time pressure. For this reason project management is essential. Successful projects just do not happen, we make sure they do. 

execution team

The project execution team is the last ingredient. Our teams have a long and proven record of successful projects and you can feel that from the moment that they walk on board the vessel.