waste management

Space constraints, the challenges that follow the growing number of passengers, plus the environmental concerns, make the handling of waste a necessity for every vessel. Whether in newbuilding or in a refurbishment, there are plenty of solutions in the market, but it is not easy to choose which it the right one for each case. We can help you determine your requirements and your compliance needs and then guide you to the most suitable solution for you. 

Below you can see some indicative types of equipment that are used in many installations. Contact us for a more in depth discussion tailored to your needs.


Waste disposers

Using waste disposers, regardless of the size of the galley, gives you a number of benefits. Most important, the process of sorting food waste is standardised and that reduces hygiene dangers and costs from deficiencies. Your staff can focus on their work. At the same time, the disposers incorporate all the necessary safety features for worry free operation. Waste disposers are mostly installed in the preparation areas of the galley, or in the pantries of sculleries where the dirty dishes usually are collected.


Waste stations

Waste stations come either as an addition to the waste disposers or as stand alone equipment. Their purpose is to remove excess liquid from the food waste that came through the waste disposer. In this way the volume of the waste is reduced by up to 80%. The grey water is dispensed direct to drain whilst the solid fraction is captured in a wheeled bin for subsequent onward processing.

This is especially useful in instances where food waste cannot be disposed of via mains drainage, either due to technical restrictions or legal regulations.

Wherever there are space constraints and a waste station is needed there is a possibility to install the waste disposer and the dewatered up to 55 meters distance. Both pieces of equipment are connected by a pipe which pumps the processed food waste from the waste disposer to the dewatered.

Additional benefits of this solution are the reduced storage savings, garbage handling costs and because of the fact that the water is removed from the food waste, it is much more easily stored and handled.



Waste compactors will help you cut your waste volumes by up to 80%. They are designed to compress all dry waste including cardboard, tins, plastic and paper. This equipment is heavy duty and taking into consideration the garbage fees it will give you a fast return on your investment, help you to improve hygiene standards and minimise the area needed for waste storage.

We can offer you a complete range of compactors, from small ones for the bar and coffee shops up to large ones for big storage areas.

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