show kitchen

The concept of the show kitchen is becoming more and more popular on board. Customers really appreciate the more personalised experience they receive. As our research has shown they have the feeling that the dish is prepared especially for them.

However, designing and building a show kitchen brings some challenges that must be carefully addressed. Aluminox brings you an end to end solution. From the layout design we set the parameters of your operations taking into consideration the amount people that we need to serve and the type of food. We look at all the supporting functions that we need to have in place to ensure the smooth and timely serving of your passengers. We then look at the regulations (A60), ventilation and all the technical aspects of the area.

In Aluminox we have the complete range of products to cover the needs of a show kitchen. Indicatively we mention:

  1. Our 700 cooking line is specially developed for small galleys and is ideal for show kitchens. Fully marine approved it can give you the output you need in smaller dimensions. This line is also built according to USPH.
  2. Various ventilation solutions from the ceiling or on top of the cooking area
  3. All the stainless steel furniture and the refrigeration built according to the design of the area
  4. Supporting equipment such as washing machines, high speed ovens, special transportation trolleys and a full set of hot and cold displays to highlight your offerings. 

Contact us to help you design the concept of the show kitchen that matches your preferences.