stainless steel furniture
standard line

All of our stainless steel furniture can be customised to meet the requirements of your project. We follow the standards you set and we contribute with our experience to improve the aesthetics, the functionality of the finished product making sure that your stainless steel furniture incorporate features such as durability, easy cleaning and that all what is required for marine use.

Washing Table.png

Washing table - sinks

Indicative photo with double sink, pre-rinse unit and waste disposer with:

  • Two sinks 500x500mm
  • 1,5mm thickness
  • Splash back on the back and left side spot welded on the bulkhead
  • Tubular legs completely made from stainless steel
  • Cone of the waste disposer seamlessly welded on the working surface


Indicative photo showing both cupboard and wall cupboard with:

  • Wall cupboard with 2 double skin doors with padlock, magnetic closure and lift up hinges
  • Cupboard below with 3 drawers and 3 doors with same specifications as above and 1,5mm thickness working surface
  • Drawers able to support weight up to 60kgr (minimum weight up to 150kgr), easily removable
  • Microwave oven base welded seamlessly on the top surface


Indicative photo with tubular rack:

  • Custom made dimensions to utilise the available space
  • Non tubular racks with thickness from 1.0mm up to 2.0mm



Indicative photo showing inlet and dish receiving table:

  • Both tables are welded seamlessly
  • Dish receiving table with waste disposer below and racks for washing baskets



Indicative photo with grease hood on top of griddles and deep fat fryers. Our complete product range includes:

  • Canopies normal and heated
  • Grease hoods
  • Grease hoods with UV with or without self washing
  • Energy saving hoods with demand based ventilation - see dedicated web page here