Built according to USPH standards

Not many companies can claim that statement. See below our hotline, stainless steel furniture and refrigeration line, built according to USPH.

Seamless Cooking Blocks

The utmost, one can have in its galley, built according to USPH. Our seamless cooking blocks give you the freedom to combine our hot line of equipment in the way you want. You can choose from the following equipment:

  • Cooking ranges - Induction of solid top
  • Fryers
  • Griddles
  • Fixed boiling pan
  • Tilting pan
  • Bain marie

All this equipment can be produced with 700mm depth or 900mm, our 700 line and 900 line respectively. The space saving 700 line is fully approved for marine use and USPH, the first one of its kind. On top of that, these lines can be combined back to back and in this way give you 5 combinations to match your requirements with the space available (700 line or 900 line single, 700 or 900 line two sided and 700 + 900 line on each side).


stainless steel furniture
high end line

This line is for those customers who want to comply with the highest standards, such as the USPH or the Norshok. All furniture are built to fulfil the requested rules and for every piece of furniture furniture drawings are created where every detail is discussed and approved.


Washing table - sinks

Indicative photo with washing table with 3 sinks, pre-rinse unit and waste disposer with:

  • Two sinks 600x500mm, 2mm thickness
  • 3rd sink is heated with canopy on the top
  • Splash back on the back and left side spot welded on the bulkhead
  • Tubular legs completely made from stainless steel
  • Cone of the waste disposer seamlessly welded on the working surface


Indicative photo showing both cupboard and ceiling cupboard with:

  • Wall cupboard ceiling mounted with padlock on the doors, magnetic closure, lift up hinges and double skin doors.
  • Cupboard below combined with refrigerated bench in one seamless working surface.


Indicative photo with:

  • Roll-in refrigerators double door
  • Trolley with capacity 10 GN 2/1
  • On the opposite side custom made cupboards

We can offer you the complete line of roll in / reach in  refrigerators according to USPH



Indicative photo showing combination of preparation and washing table

We have a full customisable line of tables suited for the USPH






Aluminox manufactures the complete range of refrigerators:

  1. Reach-in refrigerators / freezers
  2. Roll-in refrigerators / freezers
  3. Refrigerated or Freezer Benches
  4. Refrigerated displays or cold wells of custom shape and purpose