Laundry equipment

Depending on your operations on board, you would need to have the right laundry equipment to support you on board. We know that the laundry on board makes sense when it saves you money and when it helps you offer a service your customers appreciate. Aluminox is working with a selected team of partners to offer you a wide range of products that can cover the needs of a small laundry for 35 people crew, up to laundries for cruise and expedition vessels. We start with a pre-study where we ask you very specific questions in order to determine the type of linen you use and to estimate the weight that needs to be serviced by the laundry. Then we carefully select the mix of products that you need to have. Finally, when it is asked we arrange the laundry equipment on the General Arrangement.


Domestic type - semi professional line

This line of products is recommended only is small laundries and in most cases as a supporting laundry that covers special needs. We have the full range of equipment that can be supplied in either 50 or 60 Hz. The advantage of this line is that it is small in size and that dryers and washing machines can be stacked saving space, costs and making replacements a lot easier.


Heavy Duty line

This line of products contains the heavy duty laundry equipment, suitable to work for many hours per day. Aluminox helps you decide which capacities are right for you and which combination of equipment matches your needs and space. We also do all the engineering to facilitate the installation of the equipment and to integrate them with the systems that you have on board the vessels.


finishing equipment

Finishing equipment can be specialised. We can start with the basic equipment and end up to equipment that is for very special purposes. Share with us what you want to do and we can show you how it will be done.

Ask us today for a laundry pre-study. We can calculate the kilos you need to wash daily and provide you with an initial concept of your laundry very quickly.