A scullery, a pot wash area or the dishwashing area in a pantry, must be designed for efficiency and according to the capacity it must fulfil. We are working with the top brands to offer you equipment according to normal or USPH standards. In combination with our own tabling system which can be completely customised, our canopies and the rest of our stainless steel furniture you have the complete solution from one maker.




Aluminox can offer you either standard canopies or USPH type and as option to be heated with insulation. Dimensions can be customised according to the 

stainless steel furniture

Our proposals for stainless steel furniture come from our experience and are based on proven concepts and designs..

Commercial vessels

Aluminox has a special line of ware washing for the commercial vessels. These dishwashers come with basic features and are characterised by easy of use and durability. You can download the catalogue for this line here