energy efficient hoods

The term energy efficient is used a lot nowadays, but how often is the solution proposed to you able to fulfil its original promise? The hoods we bring you incorporate 2 key features to really deliver on what we claim.

Uv lamps behind the grease filters

Uv lamps behind the grease filters

UV technology

First things first. The key technology used in the energy efficient hoods is the UV. With the UV lamps we are able to break down the fat and remove all the odours from the air. This has two main benefits. The first one is that all the ducts remain clean and do not require periodical cleaning. The second benefit is that the odourless air can be disposed without worrying where we dispose or what is around it.

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uv air curtains

We call the first feature of our energy efficient hoods is the UV Air Curtains. Air curtains have been used for many years in the hoods. However, so far the air used for the air curtain needs to be brought, directly or indirectly, from outside. Most of the times, this means more operating costs for the HVAC and bigger duct network. The idea is that we use the air that has already pass through the UV filters to create the air curtain. This single fact is the first step towards less energy

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Self adjustable ventilation

The second feature of our energy efficient hoods is the self adjustable ventilation. The system is checking if the cooking appliance below the grease hood is cooking and it is adjusting the ventilation of that specific hood. Moreover, the system is checking how the rest of the hoods are working and is making sure that the air pressure is at the optimal levels. 

With these two features, energy efficiency is truly reached. According to our calculations and findings, for galleys that operate on average 16 hours per day the investment is paid back in less than 2 years.