Food Presentation

Food presentation is of outmost importance and no matter how much work is put inside the galley if the way the food reaches the end customer is not the right one, the picture is not complete. In Aluminox, according to the complexity of the project, we listen to the views of the architect, the hotel operations and of any other party is involved in this topic. We then formulate our proposal based on our long experience, interpreting the requirements into products that meet the aesthetic criteria set and perform in the way our customers expect they would. 


Buffet Furniture

Aluminox Buffet furniture gives you the freedom you want. We have designed this line of equipment in such a way so that it can be integrated to all the decorative furniture, no matter the material and shape, that are used in specific areas and in your project. We also have 3 basic designs of sneeze guards, but can also customise them according to your requirement. The line comprises from bain-maries, heated glass surfaces, static or forced air refrigeration, frosted glass and surfaces that can be set to be cold or warm depending on your settings.  


Self Service Furniture

Stainless steel is the dominant material for the self service furniture. Decoration material is also possible and is placed on top of the stainless steel. This line of furniture is mainly used for the crew mess or wherever we want to have a more industrial look and feel. We combine hot, cold and neutral elements to serve the amount of people that is required. The different pieces of equipment can be placed individually, side by side or seamlessly welded according the requirements.


Custom requests

When it comes to custom requests we draw from our experience and those of our partners to realise your concept. Custom displays, tapas bars, bakeries are a few examples. Share with us your concept and let us work together to make it happen.