What are the ingredients for Optimum layout Arrangements?

Our goal it to design each area to work as efficiently as possible as stand-alone but also combined with the rest of the functional areas of the galley. This design forces to find the best flow of material and people without crossing between dirty and clean, the right capacity of equipment and to full fill the rules and regulations of each particular case.

On galley that serves a considerable amount of people we have most of the time the following functional areas.

  • Goods reception Area

  • Cold Storage Areas

  • Dry storage

  • Beverage Storage

  • Other Storage Cold or Dry

  • Meat Preparation

  • Vegetable Preparation

  • Fish Preparation

  • Poultry Preparation

  • Cold Galley

  • Hot Galley

  • Bakery

  • Pot Washing

  • Dishwashing

  • Trolley washing

  • Beverage area

  • Serving Area

  • Coffee / Bar Areas

  • Waste handling

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

Taking care that all these areas are properly designed, with the right equipment and processes in place is not an easy task. It requires experience that is coming from working on different concepts and layouts over the years, the knowledge of the equipment developments and the willingness to listen to all the requirements of different stakeholders.

In Aluminox we have a dedicated department for layout arrangement. We can help you design the layout arrangement that suits your needs.

Ask for our assistance anytime.

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