Unusual accident in Bosporus - Propeller out of the water

Many times, we see “unusual” accidents in Galleys also.
However, after examination the majority of the accidents are associated with misuse, poor maintenance or non-observance of the procedures.
Luckily no damages or casualties this time.
The unusual accident occurred in Bosporus, when bulk carrier, ballasting Bosporus in northern direction, went out of control at around 0930 UTC Apr 2, because her propeller was not submerged enough to give the ship required propulsion. Reportedly there was something of a panic on the ship and around, because nobody could immediately figure out, what went wrong and why the ship went out of control. Judging from her records, she was docked in Tuzla for quite some time, probably undergoing maintenance works.
The cause of the accident is at all probability the failure of the Ballasting Procedure.
Bulk carrier IDIL, IMO 9109964, dwt 28429, built 1994, flag Panama, manager NVL Transshipping Ukraine (EQUASIS).