Superfast Ferries


The ship was built in Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft AG, in Kiel, Germany. This Superfast Ferry of Attica Enterprises S.A., was an investment of over US Dollars 650 million representing the largest investment in the history of Greek shipping.
The ferries of about 31,000 GRT are designed to carry passengers, cars and trucks at a speed in excess of 28 knots. The passengers can enjoy cruise liner standards of comfort in the bars, restaurants and public rooms including disco lounge, children/s playroom, casino, shops and boutiques. The ferries RoRo facilities are spread over four vehicle decks. Specially designed ramps provide optimum loading and discharging facilities.
With the completion of its new building schedule, Attica Enterprises S.A. had a fleet of 10 vessels, making them the youngest and most advanced ferry fleet in the world.
Aluminox was the supplier for the galley equipment. The ship was built according to the United States Public Health (U.S.P.H.) regulations. This series of newbuildings were the first large scale U.S.P.H. projects for Aluminox and we gained a lot of experience and confidence.
We owe that to the Attica Enterprises team for placing their trust to our company