Dolphin Voyager


The ship was built in 1990 in Japan as three-stars-plus ship for Japan Cruise Line as Orient Venus which was used mainly on Japanese market. The ship was rebuilt around 2006 in Greece to a four-star ship. In April 2007, the ship was renamed Delphin Voyager. During the renovation in Greece, she was significantly modified from original.

The ship has eight passenger decks. Up to 650 passengers are accommodated in 326 cabins. All the areas are built according to United States Public Health (U.S.P.H.) regulations. This project was the biggest conversions that Aluminox has done inside Greece over the last years. In the photos you can see the seamless cooking blocks, the spacious stainless steel preparation areas, the buffet furniture and the bars. Following the guidance from the technical team of the owner, this project also shows the capabilities of the ship repair cluster in Perama.

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