Van Oord - E169 Project - Bravenes

Aluminox is the supplier of the galley - laundry for this package. We also performed the installation of the equipment on board the vessel. Many thanks to the owner and the yard for approving Aluminox and special thanks to R&M China, the main contractor of this project, for trusting our company.

You can see below the photos shot by our team, just before starting the installation works.

According to Van Oords Post on their website, the Bravenes is the third vessel to join Van Oord’s SRI fleet. SRI vessels stabilise and protect subsea pipelines, cables and other structures at depths down to 1,500 meters. Van Oord invests in innovative techniques and ultra-modern equipment such as the Bravenes to maintain its leading position in this market. The Bravenes is an innovative vessel in its class because of its unique ability to install rock in three different ways. The Bravenes can install rock through a fallpipe inserted through the moonpool, through a fallpipe over the side, and through a tremie pipe over the side. Thanks to the latter method, it even can perform subsea rock installation at close proximity to offshore platforms. Combined with its ability to load and install large rocks, this makes the Bravenes ideal for the offshore wind and cable market.

Below a video from the Christening of the vessel

Aluminox marine