Enter the new waste handling trend for free!

In order to make it easier for our customers to discover the new trend of waste management on ships, we decided to grand a number of free new DRY WASTE GRIDERS for the ship-owning companies who wish to enter first the new age of waste handling.

The Dry waste Grinder accomplishes volume reduction of food waste by grinding without any need of added flushing water, and therefore no need of equipment for subsequent dewatering after grinding in order to obtain waste in semi-dry form suitable for composting

Main Advantages of Dry Grinders

  • Fully compliant with MARPOL ANNEX V.

  • Saving scare fresh water onboard ship, as no water is needed for grinding.

  • Grinds even small bones, sinewy meat, tough fish skins and long fiber vegetables without the need for sewer piping.

  • Gives the ship a good environmental profile as the semi-dry food waste is suitable for

composting ashore.

  • Easy to operate and clean.

  • Very durable construction

  • Feet for welding or bolting to the floorboard.

  • Plug & Play installation.



To get the free Dry waste Grinder  please contact marine@aluminox.gr

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